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CoachingGod has created you for greatness. Before you were born, He had in mind achievements and accomplishments for you to do that would bring you life and Him glory upon the earth (Ephesians 2.10). Coaching is a process whereby the dreams and desires for accomplishing those deeds are surfaced and fulfilled. The Bible declares that within YOUR heart are God’s plans for your life and a man of understanding, a coach, helps draw them out so they can be realized (Proverbs 20.5). Christian coaching will help you define your core values, set and pursue concrete goals and discern God’s purpose for your life.

Coaching is the means for moving from acceptable to exceptional! Through active listening and powerful questioning your coach will help you articulate and plan for execution of your goals, then as you carry out your actions steps YOU will achieve the aspirations that have been resonating in your heart but have yet to be accomplished. Coaching is a process for helping you make impact, gain influence and create significance within and through your life.

Coaching facilitates the process of change for you to maximize your potential. Coaching is not counseling which helps people move from dysfunction to acceptable functioning. Coaching is forward progress, future oriented and growth centered. Coaching is not mentoring which is the transfer of expertise from the experienced to the novice. Coaching assumes YOU are the expert so utilizes discovery tools and powerful questions for helping you create concrete goals and action steps.

Coaching is a growth-centered relationship. The coach motivates, stimulates and encourages while YOU create goals, commit to action and fulfill your destiny. Coaching empowers you to move vision into action. So what are you waiting for?

Find out more about the power of coaching for accomplishing exceptional results in your life.

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