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God calls us to be Ambassadors for Christ by living out life in the best way possible by purposefully displaying the 10 Attributes of an Ambassador.

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Fulfilling Your Purpose As An Investor

By Austin Pryor

Are you a “good” or “bad” investor? This cannot be answered without understanding an investor’s purpose. If you know the purpose of an investor is to manage money in such a way as to make it grow, but your investment accounts fail to see growth year after year, then it becomes apparent that no matter how good a person you may be, you are a “bad” investor.

Confining Faith to Compartments

By Robert J. Tamasy

Compartments can be useful. We have “glove compartments” in our vehicles, even though hardly anyone uses them for gloves – instead, we keep flashlights, maps, repair receipts and other things there. Toolboxes and craft cases have compartments to keep things separated for easy access. But should one’s spirituality – faith – also be kept in a compartment, taken out only for special occasions?

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