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God calls us to be Ambassadors for Christ by living out life in the best way possible by purposefully displaying the 10 Attributes of an Ambassador.

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Resolving Business Conflicts and Disputes

By Rick Boxx

Over the years, I have the privilege – and challenge – of mediating in several disputes between business partners. In most cases, seeking to resolve them is not pretty nor easy, but very necessary. When someone begins to feel slighted by their partner in some way, the relationship can turn ugly quickly.

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Success In The Marketplace Is A Team Sport

By Robert J. Tamasy

To find a template for success in today’s workplace, we need look no farther than the human body. Illness and disease are often the result of one part of the body not functioning as it should, or not functioning at all. Imagine an otherwise healthy body without a beating heart, or a brain directing the systems of the body. Even if all the other organs were fully functional, life without even one of the major organs would not be possible.

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