CBMC equips men to become the men God created them to be. Our vision is for all Men in our Movement to Experience: The Power of One God, The Value of One Man, The Leverage of One Team Resulting in Spiritual Reproduction among Businessmen throughout the World.


Ambassadors for Christ. CBMC equips men to be an ambassador for Christ within the marketplace and their sphere of influence. We define and marketplace and ambassador and provide you the resources to become such while meeting with other men on the same journey. Visit the Marketplace Ambassador Advancement System.

Evangelism. Evangelism is how we go and tell others about what God has done in our lives. CBMC provides state-of-the-art evangelism tools and training so that a man can walk forward with confidence. LivingProof Adventure is an online, relational evangelism training tool. This small group video series demonstrates how to share the Gospel in 13 sessions. Based on 12 Key Principles, LivingProof Adventure will guide participants through a journey of discussion and revelation. In a constantly changing culture, how do we remain relevant and maintain spiritual awareness? View the Spiritual Awareness chart here.

Discipleship. Jesus commanded we make disciples. CBMC’s discipleship process is a one-on-one mentoring opportunity whereby two men come together to study God’s word, pray, and then apply it to life and business. This is highly relational and involves tremendous personal growth. Operation Timothy (OT) is a time-tested relational discipleship tool used by CBMC, churches and other ministries around the globe. Based on the Apostle Paul’s discipling of Timothy, OT is designed for those who are searching for answers to life’s tough questions and for those who desire to grow in their faith. This transformational journey will develop leaders who are intentional about integrating their work and their faith. Operation Timothy is available free of charge. Learn more here then contact Mike to be paired with another man eager to encourage your growth in your Christian faith.

Teams. Encouraging and training men to invest in other men, while surrounding themselves with a trusted team of advisors and accountability is what sets CBMC apart in today’s culture. Local teams provide opportunities for connection, development of leadership skills, and most importantly, spiritual growth. See what opportunities are available to you at our connect button.