CBMC is your marketplace ministry gym.

CBMC is to marketplace ministry what the MAC is to Lansing area athletic facilities. CBMC has the tools (equipment), training (coaching), and events (facility), to give Christian business men everything they need to be successful in winning and discipling men in the marketplace to Christ.

God commands us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. He further commands us to be workmen showing ourselves approved in obedience to the Scriptures. The work of God is for people to believe in Him and His Son Jesus Christ. We prove ourselves faithful as workmen in His ripe harvest when we are intentionally seeking and saving the lost.

The best gym in the world is useless unless a man makes time to enter in and utilize the equipment. The first thing a man must do to become physically fit is to commit to the work necessary for making that happen. Instead of constantly driving by the gym, we must pull into the parking lot, grab our gear and go inside. Once we enter the gym we have to actually use the equipment. The best gyms don’t offer pizza as a reward for coming in, rather the best gyms are filled with sweat and examples of the benefits of hard work.

Hundreds of Christian business men receive the invitation to bring an unchurched friend to a CBMC luncheon but don’t take advantage of their best and usually their only opportunity, to expose men to the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can be saved. Most Christian business men remain spiritually out of shape and unexperienced at the work of seeing people come to Jesus as Savior and begin growing in their faith.

Our tools for discipling men are state of the art. Our app is awesome. It is simple to use, engaging and interactive. If you still like paper and ink you can order our discipleship program on line at Amazon. Not too many ministries doing that!

Our events make evangelism easy and effective. Every man who attends a CBMC luncheon hears a successful business or professional man relate his story of coming to personally know Jesus as the Savior of the world. After the talk, every man is invited to personally know this same Jesus as Savior. Nobody else does this work in the marketplace. Nobody.

Every man who wants to know God better can be personally helped to do so through CBMC. From one on one discipleship, to CEO groups to Connect 3 teams, CBMC makes connecting to God, the gospel and one another available and welcoming to every Christian man.

The best day to go to the gym was yesterday. The second best day is today. Begin praying for a man you know to personally experience Jesus as Savior. Pray you will be an integral part of that process. Serve that man. Love that man. Bring that man to the next CBMC luncheon and watch God use you and this ministry to build His kingdom for His glory.  In this way, you will show yourself fit for the Kingdom of God.