Easy as Pie
So we tell others about Christ, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all the wisdom God has given us. We want to present them to God, perfect in their relationship to Christ.
Colossians 1:28
The work of every Christian is to make disciples by telling people about Jesus and teaching them to obey His commands. CBMC makes this work easy as PIE.
P stands for pray. Every Christian can and should pray. While we have many prayers, CBMC encourages you to pray specifically for men in the marketplace who are not living Christian lives. It should be easy for you to compile a list of men you know as employees, vendors, clients or managers for whom you can pray that they would become fellow committed Christians.
I stands for invite. Invite the men on your prayer list to the next CBMC special luncheon. These luncheons are easy to bring men to because they are held in places men like to be with men they want to know. Invite these men to lunch on a regular basis before the CBMC special luncheon in order to build your influence further into the lives of these men. Commit each week to inviting one man on your prayer list to lunch then when the CBMC special luncheon rolls around they will gladly receive your request.
E stands for equip. Equip the men who receive Jesus as Savior at the CBMC luncheon to live in obedience to Jesus’ commands. CBMC makes discipling a man easy with its tool Operation Timothy. This study is essentially a Christianity 101 program. Your mentoring with this tool and their participation in a good local church will guarantee their success at becoming a faithful follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Your occupation is to obey God by bringing Him glory on earth through reconciling men to Him in Jesus the Savior. Your vocation funds this work of yours and provides enough extra to help fund CBMC and your local church. CBMC makes obedience to God’s will for your life easy as PIE. The only question is will you engage the work you have been commanded to complete?