Matthew 28.19-20 commands, all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.

A missionary recently shared that we have only three options related to the risen Lord's command for all His people: go, send or disobey the assignment to tell others His story.  The beauty of the ministry of CBMC is that men don’t have to choose to go or send but can go and send.

CBMC makes harvesting among the unchurched men in the marketplace simple and productive if Christian men will simply embrace their assignment from Lord Jesus. Obedience in the marketplace begins with the simple act of prayer. Praying for unchurched men should be the daily activity of the Christian who daily spends time with his God lifting before Him his daily concerns.

Prayer is to lead to action, the first of which is the simple process of building greater trust and influence among the unchurched we are praying for. This work is easy since it is part of the process inherent in building customers, clients and partners inherent to marketplace success.

CBMC's proven process of sharing Jesus with unchurched men through the testimony of a Christian business man makes the sharing of the gospel easy and productive for Christian business men who invite their friends they have been praying for and building relationships with to the luncheons. Consistently exposing the unchurched to the testimony of the saved results in men coming to Christ as Savior and Lord thus fulfilling the command to make disciples.

CBMC then makes the teaching part of God's command simple with their proven tool Operation Timothy. The Christian business man who stays in America can still faithfully go, by going to prayer, and going to CBMC luncheons with unchurched men.

Finally, CBMC, your church, and many other ministries need your money to continue sending staff into the world to ensure the opportunities for people to hear the gospel continue. Making sure you are giving consistently to your church, CBMC and other ministries ensure you are part of the team of those being sent into the world to make disciples. With CBMC, you can go and you can send, I hope you will be faithful to do both.

Mike Winter
Director for CBMC Central Michigan