How was your 2017? Were you successful at accomplishing your goals? Most men make goals in two areas of their lives; business and personal. Did you make any spiritual goals for 2018? If you did, was winning at least one person to Jesus as Savior on that list?

CBMC makes successfully accomplishing such a goal a very real possibility. Why? The testimonies of successful business and professional men are consistently used by God to draw men to Himself. Nearly 30 men made such commitments in 2017.

As you set your goals for 2018 CBMC invites you to join us in making your spiritual goal the winning of a man to Christ. Of course, He saves people but you are the process. How will you get this done? CBMC’s “Each 1 With 1” campaign is designed with your success at achieving this goal in mind.

Each day meet God in prayer with one or more men you know need to receive Jesus as Savior.  CBMC’s ‘ten most wanted’ tool is helpful for accomplishing this goal. Create today a list of people you can pray for tomorrow.

Each week do something with one person you are praying for to develop further your influence in their lives. Influence is a product of relationship which allows us to discuss Jesus easier with people we are praying for. The easiest way to do this is to schedule one lunch a week for being with this person. The goal is relationship building, don’t feel like you must share the gospel everytime you meet with someone.

Each quarter attend the CBMC luncheon with one person you are praying for so that they can hear the gospel and be given an opportunity to receive Jesus as Savior. The testimony of a sinner saved by grace is a powerful weapon of God for winning hearts into His kingdom.

If you are faithful to pray daily, meet weekly and share quarterly with people you are exemplifying Christ before regularly you will no doubt be successful at seeing people come to Christ. It is people coming to Christ that makes you an asset to God and fruitful in His work of making disciples for Christ.

So will you make a goal to see one person come to Jesus as Savior in 2018? Will you join CBMC by praying daily, meeting weekly and inviting quarterly the men you know so that some can come to Jesus as Savior this year?